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What gear do I need to get started with running?

Running can be a very cheap activity to participate in, with minimal gear. You really just need a pair of running shoes and you are good to go!

However running can turn into a very expensive activity pretty quickly and have you filling up your wardrobe with all sorts of gear you never knew you needed, especially if you start entering events or run on roads and trails. 

Running shoes are just the tip of the iceberg, you can add to that, fancy tracking watch, hat, sunnies, cold weather gear, hot weather gear, running socks, chafe cream, running vest, nutrition, sports bras (stupidly expensive), plus more!

But do you need all that gear? 

If you are running on the road then nah, comfortable running shoes and then just clothing that you feel good in for running is enough. If you have your phone with you then you can use an app like Garmin or Strava to track your distance/pace if that is important to you. 

If you are heading into the trails then you really should have more gear, trail shoes to help with the terrain and then some basic safety gear in case things don’t go to plan. Check out the Entry to Trail running guide at the end of this post, for a big list of trail running gear. 

Don’t let the lack of gear stop you from getting out and starting your running, you really can just chuck some shoes on and head out the door. Then as you get

more into your running, you can add some other pieces of gear to your kit. There are lots of great options for second hand purchasing too, check on FB or Trademe, or wait till things go on sale.

When I first started running all I had was shoes and I used my phone to track my distance, it worked perfectly!

Entry to Trail Running Guide (2)
Download PDF • 84KB


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