We love to run! We love to coach runners. We love to help people start their running journey. We love to head out into the trails with our Run Club crew. We love to chat about running. We love everything about running!

Online Run Club

Join our Online Run Club Group for all you need to be a stronger, happier runner. 

Every week we will drop into the group:

  • Run specific strength workouts

  • A super Stretch session

  • Prescribe 3 runs for you to complete - with beginner and intermediate options


Plus we can provide programs for events when you need them, running tips and tricks and of course we will be there to support and offer guidance on all things running. 

By joining us online you will also have the motivation and encouragement of the Run Club community. Perfect if you are just starting out on your running journey or want to hang and be supported with other runners.

How much will this awesome online coaching cost? If you are part of our Life In Motion Motivate Community then great news! Entry into our new Run Club Group is free! Otherwise you can hop on board for $10 a month, pretty awesome value we think!

Our Online Run Club is hosted in a private Facebook Group, with all the content saved so you can revisit any of the workouts anytime. 

To jump on the wait list for our Online Run Club Group drop us an email. We are launching at the end of November so you won't have to wait long! 

Sunday Group Runs and Adventures

Our Run Club was established in 2016 as a inclusive and social run group. If you are looking for a free supportive group to Run with then join our Run Club Facebook Group to keep up to date with our weekly  run adventures.