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Strength and Power




Please take a moment to read through the Life In Motion Run Club terms and conditions. They are there to inform you about Life In Motion Run Club and keep you safe. If you have any questions please contact with us. 

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I am proudly a back of the pack runner and was so nervous about joining a run club but looking for some ongoing motivation for my half marathon goal in 2019. Having now just completed the 21km Tarawera event with my husband I cannot express enough the awesome support and inspiration both of us have gained from this group, and that awesome feeling of seeing the rest of the crew cross the line and celebrate their accomplishments. The weekly online workouts have been integral in keeping me injury free and the fact that I can do them whenever and wherever I need to is key. My working hours are strange to say the least so committing to a regular time and place is hard but the Sunday run club is very grounding when I can make it. With the year we have had it is has been integral to my mental health to keep running and getting out on the trials. The best thing is my families involvement, my 10 year old completed the Paparangi gut buster as part of the LIM crew, my husband also completed TUM 21km and the 50km Tarawera ultra is looking more likely next year!



I had started running maybe 18 months before joining Run Club, and while I was getting faster working on my own I was also picking up lots of injuries.

After participating in a few of the Sunday social run meet ups I decided to join the Run Club and give it a go, I thought if nothing else it's people to talk to about running and events with, as my partner was sick of those chats.

It has however become so much more than that, the strength work has helped to shave minutes off my average kilometer pace and more importantly has reduced the frequency of my injuries dramatically. This meaning I can get out more often and keep enjoying the activity I love doing and all the mental health benefits it brings me.

The coaches work with you to make sure you get the base you need in terms of training to push on and smash your goals, whether that be a first 5k, or some crazy ultra event few think possible. With the Life In Motion help you won't be wondering if you can do it at the start line, you'll know you have done the right preparation and be confident you will get it done.

The community is also fantastic, and a wealth of knowledge to tap into regards to gear, events, trails to run and of course general encouragement. You will also find LIM Run Club members at many events. The cheers and noise as I crossed the line in my last event from the Run Club whanau will forever live in my memory. 


I joined the Life In Motion Run Club as I needed some form of structure to help me with my running.  I was also after something realistic to help me with the run/family/work life balance thing. It is the best decision ever!!  The prescribed runs give me something to work towards for the week and it can be done any day that you are free.  I especially LOVE the strength and stability work and stretching as it has majorly helped keep injuries at a minimum!  It is also so cool to look back 4 weeks into the strength work and noticeably see a huge difference.  The community is the best as well.  I have met some of the most beautiful and inspiring people on the Wellington Sunday group runs and the online community is so supportive of everything you do.  I would be lost without it!