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Hi runner! 

This is me, Eve and my best running buddy Jem. 

I created LIM Run Club in 2016. It started as a social group run session and has evolved into a vibrant online community, full of run specific strength training, support and knowledge.

My passion for helping runners be strong and confident comes from my own running journey.

After struggling through injuries as I started running, I decided to develop a program to improve running strength.  

Using my training, I am proud to have created an effective program that is delivered to hundreds of runners around New Zealand each week via our online LIM Run Club. 

I would love to help you with your running, jump in and join our Run Club and let's get run strong together!

Eve Southan
Dip. Exercise Science
UESCA Running Coach
Pelvic Floor Safe Fitness Professional


Life In Motion Run Club Affiliations

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