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  • evesouthan

Does running ever get easier?

Yes it does! When you first start running it is incredibly hard and it feels like it will never be easy, but this does change. 

It takes time for your muscles to adapt to running, much longer than your cardiovascular system, so building up your running slowly is always the best approach. This can feel really difficult, but the more time you can spend taking your time getting your body used to running the better. 

Although running does get easier as you adapt, you may find it can still feel very hard. This is usually because you often start running further or even faster as you get stronger. But the good news is, as you progress with your running you are more able to run at different speeds and you can then make runs easier or harder, adjusting your runs to suit your training or how you are feeling. 

If you are finding your running hard right now and you are just beginning or restarting your running journey then take your time and remember running does get easier


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