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Why should runners strength train?

Running is a difficult activity, there's a lot of power required to move your body along with your weight shifting from one foot to the other, over and over again with force. 

To give yourself protection from injury and help improve your running performance, adding in some strength exercises to your training is recommended. If you are running short distances you will benefit and if you are doing more endurance running or trail running then it should be high on your list of training priorities. 

Here are just some of the benefits strength training provides: 

Lowers your risk of falling. Strength training routine will help improve your coordination and balance which can help prevent falls while you're out on your run. 

Improves your joint stability. Strengthening the muscles around your joints will help to keep the joints stable, strong, and in good alignment for optimal movement.

Improves your muscular strength, endurance, and power. Everything you need for improved running performance. 

Strength training doesn't have to be arduous, you can add in short targeted sessions to your week in and around your running. 

Not sure where to start? Jump in and join our online Run Club and access 5 new run specific workouts each week. You can join Run Club here.

Follow the link below to a sample Run Club Strength and Stability workout you can try, so you can see how effective targeted workouts can be. 


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