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How often should I run?

When you first start running it is really important to take your time and build up your running slowly. 2-3 walk/runs a week, with rest and strength training days is a great way to get started. Having those rest days in between running days is best, to give your body time to adapt and recover.

As your running journey progresses you can run more often, especially if you are training for an event. A training plan will help prescribe your runs each week, depending on your running history and the distance you are aiming for. 

Rest days are really important for all runners as well as having periods during the year where you reduce your overall load. Rest helps with recovery and reduces the risk of overuse injuries. Including other activities into your training is also a great way to build strength and resilience, things like weights, swimming, pilates, cycling and yoga are all great options. 

How often you run a week is specific to every runner and their running journey, just make sure you are listening to your body and try to avoid comparing your running to others.

Need help to get started with your running? Download our free 0-5km training plan below.

8 week 0-5km Run Plan
Download PDF • 5.79MB


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