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Entry to Trail Running Guide

Running on the trails is a lot of fun, but it does have different challenges to road running. This guide is designed to help you to get started safely so you can enjoy the trails for many runs to come. 

There are some essential pieces of kit that all trail runners should have including some nice to haves. This list is a guide, there will be more gear requirements for your specific running adventure, especially if you start heading out on bigger adventures or running in cooler climates

  • First aid kit, make sure you have gauze, strapping tape, bandages and sticking plasters.

  • Emergency bag.

  • Thermal long sleeve layer.

  • Thermal beanie and gloves.

  • Thermal leggings.

  • Seam sealed jacket.

  • Seam sealed pants.

  • Heavier base layer.

  • Synthetic Puffer Jacket.

  • Whistle.

  • Cellphone.

  • Emergency Locator Beacon (you can hire these).

  • Headtorch.

  • Water and food.

  • Trail shoes.

Trail running is an awesome way to see the outdoors and there are some key things you can do to keep yourself safe when you head out to explore.

  • Tell someone where you are going. 

  • Check the conditions before you head out and make sure you have the right gear with you.

  • Share a live tracking link so you can be found easily.

  • Take a map or use GPS to navigate.

  • Plan your route before you leave, so you know how far you are going and how long you expect to be. 

  • Run with a friend or in a group.

  • Start small with your trail runs, it takes a lot longer to run on the trails and they can be a lot more challenging than some road runs. 

  • Don’t take unnecessary risks with the conditions or terrain, both can be very unforgiving. 

  • Chat to other runners about trails before you do them, so you can get an idea of what to expect and any tips for navigating safely.

Happy trail running!


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