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Beginner Trail Running Tips

Thinking about trail running but don’t know where to start?

Here’s a few tips for getting out there and enjoying yourself on the trails.

- Invest in some trail shoes. They have lugs on the bottom which will help you grip on the uneven, sometimes squishy trail surface.

- Start short and pick gentle undulating trails.

- Run with a buddy! It’s always fun to explore new trails together.

- Forget about your pace, walk the ups, run the downs, stop to check out the views (which are always spectacular!) may even find a random log chair.

- Tell someone where you are running and how long you think you will be.

- Carry emergency gear, thermal top, emergency bag, first aid, beanie, seam sealed jacket. Accidents can happen and you may need to rug up while you wait for help or you may need extra gear for cold exposed terrain.

- Include weekly strength and stability training to reduce the risk of acute injuries.

- Most importantly look up, take in your surroundings, listen to the birds and enjoy being out in nature.

Happy running!


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