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Life In Motion Motivate


Our online health and fitness group delivers you daily live workouts so you can workout at a time and place that works for you.

Life In Motion Run Club


Online run coaching, strength, stability, power, stretching, prescribed weekly runs and group runs.

Life In Motion Group Training


We are specialists in High Intensity workouts. Join our classes in the Northern Suburbs for effective and inclusive workouts.

I joined Life In Motion Motivate so I could fit my workouts in around work and my kids. It has been the best! I can jump online and workout first thing and it sets me up for my day. I love the variety of the workouts and Jas and Eve really know how to make us sweat! - Sarah 



Increased Mobility

Increased Strength

Stronger Joints and Bones

Injury Prevention

Strong Heart



Positive Mindset

Online Support

Effective 30min Workouts

Class Variety

Qualified Movement Coaches



Inclusive Community

Nourishing Recipes 

Caring and Supportive

Mental and Physical Well being

Knowledge and Experience

I love the sense of community and family that Life In Motion has developed, we all support each other towards our goals, no matter how big or small. I know if I’m having a bad day I’m 100% guaranteed to feel better afterwards. Eve and Jason make everyone feel they are strong and capable. I love that I can challenge myself every single time, and that no 2 days are ever the same - Andrea

Meet the Life In Motion Team

Eve Southan

Dip. Exercise Science

I love working in the community and motivating people to move and nourish. My favourite session to teach each week is Free community HIIT as it is such a big group and a fun and energising atmosphere. 

As well as doing HIIT training I am also a keen trail runner. You can usually find me out on the trails over the weekend, I love the challenge and being surrounded by nature.

The best part about Life In Motion is the people, such a supportive and caring community which I am proud to be part of.


Come along and join us I would love to meet you.

Jason Southan

Movement Coach

I have always enjoyed weight training and have spent a lot of time in gyms over the years. Introducing HIIT style workouts has been awesome for adding variety to my training and it also benefits my running.

Working with the Life In Motion community is rewarding and fun. I love meeting new people and when you come to your first class I will be there to answer any questions and show you the ropes.

See you at class!

Jem Southan

Team Mascot

Jem is most happy out on the trails. As a beloved member of the Life In Motion community she is a regular on our Run Club Sunday adventures. 

Jem also has a bed in the studio and can be seen generally getting in the way from time to time during our online workouts. 

Jem is a 3 year old Hunterway and we love her!

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