Online Running Strength and Conditioning Workouts
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Our Online LIM Run Club helps runners be strong and confident. 

With weekly live and on demand run specific strength workouts, prescribed runs, monthly run coach chats and knowledge sessions from industry experts LIM Run Club is the perfect combination of strength, support and community. 

5 New Weekly Workouts

Prescribed Runs


Strength and stability, load, power, core and stretch.

Everything you need to build a strong core and running legs. Support your hips, knees and ankles and reduce injuries.

Weekly prescribed runs to give you variety and help improve your form and endurance.

Integrate these into your weekly run training.

Join monthly live chats with Run Coach Eve and get support to reach your running goals.

Eve loves to chat all things running!


Jen B.jpg


LIM has helped my running by connecting me to an amazing community - the helpful tips and support available for people just taking their first few steps right through to people taking on ultras, it’s all there. 

Wendy W.jpg


If it wasn't for the LIM strength, stability and power workouts, I honestly don't think I'd be jumping in puddles like these running cross country with my grandkids.



I’ve become stronger, fitter and have had less injuries since joining LIM run club. Connecting with this community is an added awesome bonus! 

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Live or on demand LIM Run Club is $20 per month.

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