Run Boost 4 Week Program
Online strength training to boost your running strength, endurance and performance.


Our 4 week Run Boost program is the perfect way to increase run specific strength​, reduce injuries and improve your running speed and endurance. 

Join Run Boost for $20 and over the 4 weeks improve your running with:

  • 1 weekly online run Strength and Stability Workout - single leg, stability exercises - Monday's 7:15am.

  • 1 weekly online run Strength and Power Workout - explosive power bodyweight exercises - Wednesday's 7:15am.

  • 1 weekly online Boost Workout - weights strength workout - Thursday's 8:15am.

  • 1 weekly online Stretch Workout - gently relax in this guided stretch session - Friday's 7:15am.

  • 4 week Run Strong Program Template - so you can tick off your weekly activities.

Our 4 week Run Boost program starts on the 14th March 2022. The run specific strength workouts are all filmed live in our online Run Club Facebook group. You can complete the workouts live, or jump in and replay them at a time that suits you.

You will need weights or other items you can use as weights to complete the weekly boost workouts. Cans or bottles will work just fine if you have no dumbbells at home. 


If you are looking to run faster, run longer, run stronger then this program is perfect for you, let's get your running strength boosted!