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Your Pace

Your pace is the least interesting thing about your running - share it if you want to, but it does not define you as a runner. This is something I often say and I thought it needs more explanation, I mean how can a run coach say they don't care about pace?

To clarify, pace can be a really useful tool for runners and for coaches, especially for competitive runners, or for races with tight cut offs. Pace is also a great metric if runners have goals related to speed. If you have a goal to run faster then that is totally fine, however it is certainly not the only way to gauge how your running is going.

It is very easy for runners to compare their running journey to other runners and this is where pace becomes this thing, it's a sticky point for me as a coach. I see runners comparing themselves so, so often to an arbitrary number.

Every single runner has their own running ability and unique path and there are so many variables that will contribute to an individual's pace.

I often get asked by runners if their pace is good. Good for the Olympics? Well no, sorry most likely you are a bit off the pace. Good for you? Well that all depends on so many things.

Something I am very passionate about with Life In Motion Run Club is creating a supportive, welcoming environment for runners of all abilities. My focus as a Run Coach is to provide the tools for our runners to be strong and confident with their running.

When I write programs there are prescribed runs that will help runners improve their pace. The workouts that we do in Run Club are designed to improve strength, which in turn will improve form, endurance and running pace too. I am certainly not against helping runners improve their pace, especially if that is something they wish to improve for themselves. Key there is that the pace is their own, not a pace taken from a perceived good running pace or from a runner they follow on Strava or social media.

The best advice I can give around pace is to just make it your own. If it is important for you to improve your pace then that is all good - just make sure you are setting goals relevant to your running and your pace.


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