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Lifting weights – why we love it!

We are firm believers of adding variety to your training. Variety will help you stay motivated but also will ensure you are moving your body in many different ways, which will decrease injury risk and increase your strength and mobility.

For example to be a stronger runner you need to incorporate strength and mobility into your training. You also need to vary the type of running you do, flat, hills, fast, slow, intervals. The more variety the better team!

We include weights at Circuit once a fortnight, Strength training on a Thursday night, in our Studio sessions and over on our online platform Motivate.

Some of our favourite reasons for including weights at Life In Motion sessions are:

- Strong muscles to protect your joints. If your muscles are strong you will be putting less strain on your joints and connective tissue. - Improves your posture, balance and coordination. - Increases bone density, which helps reduce the risk of osteoporosis. - Improved strength is important for making day to day activities easier, especially as we get older. - It also helps us keep our muscle mass, which sadly starts to decline as we age. - It’s a rest from high intensity training, which we love but variety is key to preventing injuries and it is an excellent complement to all the jumping around we do.

Plus team it's a lot of fun!

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