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Eve's Queenstown Marathon Race Report

The morning of the race we woke to rain, it was forecast, but we had kind of hoped it wouldn’t happen. We walked down to catch the shuttle bus with umbrellas and ponchos to stay dry, our shoes were wet within minutes. Once we got the bus area we joined the very long queue and waited to pile on board, we were standing for about 40min before we got onto the bus and there were some very soggy people! The bus ride seemed to take forever and when we finally arrived at Millbrook the first wave of runners started, we had missed the start! But as there were so many competitors there were a few more waves to start so we had a bit of time to get our gear dropped and a quick bathroom stop and get to the start line.

By the time we started running the sun had come out, yay! Wet shoes to start but it was going to be warm out there. It was lovely running from Millbrook and down to Arrowtown, the first 8km cruised by. I passed a few Zeenya’s on the way, man they are easy to spot! By the 10km mark I could see Anna a LIM runner up ahead so I worked my way through the participants until I caught up. It was great to have some company and we ran together through the pretty Lake Hayes track and up the hilly bits. Popping out from around the lake we had the long stretch of Speargrass Road ahead, boy does this bit of tarmac drag on. It was really great to have Anna with me along this bit as it is hard on your legs and your head just wants it to stop! We ran together weaving in and out of people for quite a few more k’s. My quads were really starting to feel it and I could feel some nausea creeping in. By the time we hit about 30km I couldn’t contain the nausea and I had to pull over to throw up. Not my best race moment for sure! I had stuffed up my nutrition big time, I was well behind on my Tailwind consumption and it was too late to catch up as I could hardly keep water down.

Unfortunately the nausea and vomiting was set to stay for the rest of the race. I managed to run with Anna till about 34km and then convinced her to run on without me. I was stopping frequently and the action of running just made me feel worse. Anna really didn’t want to leave me, but I knew she was still running strong and I was holding her back. Any energy I did have had completely gone at this stage and with 7km left to finish I was in a very dark space. I was very close to pulling out at the last aid station as I felt dizzy and nauseous and running became almost impossible. But I persevered and got through into town with a shuffle/walk/retch formula! I had just enough energy to run through town, past some of our support crew (sorry for the grumpy face I shot your way team), got to the top of the final hill and paused for a nauseous few seconds before running down the ramp and over the finish line. Once the medal was around my neck I sat in the finisher’s area and had a massive cry. Exhaustion, relief and disappointment all rolled into one.

Queenstown Marathon got me good this time. I did tick off my goals for this event which were to get to the start line, finish and finish under 5 hours and a massive bonus we had an awesome crew from our LIM Run Club there which meant the weekend was a heap of fun! Congratulations to all of our runners out there, you raced so well and although I may have thrown you all a frowny face running to the finish it was really great to have you all there!