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Chloe Run-Spiration

Working with our runners I have noticed a wonderful trend. About half my time I am prescribing specific activities, exercises and programs, the rest of my time I am reassuring, encouraging, motivating and being that person you turn to when you just need to know you can do it, whatever the run goal may be.

It is an awesome position to be in and I get the added bonus or watching our runners grow in self confidence and achieve their goals.

Our runners all have stories to tell, stories to inspire others, to share their running beginnings, achievements and dreams.

As part of our ne Run-Spiration series, we will be sharing with you some from the heart running stories, from our Run Club crew.

First up is Chloe, thank you for sharing your Run-Spiration with us!

I used to dance, from 5 to 15 years old. Once I completed the grade work, I needed something to keep me fit and fill the void. I tried running, ‘tried’ being the key word here... I could barely run a few hundred meters. I never ran a cross country without walking, and in all honesty, I was pretty terrible at PE as well. Needless to say, I didn't last long. I opted for walking instead.

Fast forward a few years, I had become pretty unfit and gained a fair amount of weight. I kept trying running, each time I was worse than before; but despite that I still wanted to be a runner. I would watch runners outside, running the big block and think "I want to be that person" ... So, I kept trying. I would go for a walk, and when no one was around I'd run a power pole, walk a power pole.

I ended up joining the local gym, doing a lot of HIIT/Cardio/Strength classes and had an absolute blast doing so. I improved my strength, wellbeing and felt like a new person!

We went to Auckland in 2018, and while we were there my Aunty was signed up for the Albany Lakes 5k Series, an event she does every year. We decided it would be cool if we all did it, pay a small fee, go for a walk, get a medal - why not?

I decided to enter as a runner. That way I could try and run a little bit, if I got the urge. It turns out I was a lot fitter than I thought! I ran almost the entire 5k! (minus the 300m hill toward the end). I ‘got the bug’ & from that day on, I was a runner. I signed up for another 5k event a few months later, and then a 10k, and next thing I know, I'm doing the one thing I swore I would never do - a half marathon!

I over trained, didn't listen to my body, and ended up needing 6 weeks off running, but I (ME!) completed a half marathon, and I have the medal to prove it.

Now I'm happily running 10k's and almost every time I run, I look at the power poles and I remember where I started. Now I'm the person that I always admired, I'm the person I looked up to & honestly, that's pretty cool.

My favourite running event would have to be the Mt Maunganui Runners & Walkers Half Marathon event. It's the one event I go back to every year.

My top advice to new runners is:

- Perseverance is key to improving. Don't quit if you don't see results in a week. - There is a difference between tired sore, and injured sore. If in doubt, get it checked.


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