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Behind the Burpees - Andrea

Meet Andrea! The first person from the Life In Motion Community to feature in our new Behind the Burpees segment. We are looking forward to bringing you a new Behind the Burpees story each month, but for now get inspired by Andrea's story, we couldn't be more proud!

What was your biggest hesitation about coming along to your first Life In Motion class?

I came alone to HIIT in about Sept/Oct 2016, not long after LIM was ‘born’. I was nervous that having recently had my own human baby I would find the classes too hard and would be ‘left behind’. However this was not the case as I could adapt each exercise as I needed. And of course I was a little nervous about not knowing anyone there.

What surprised you the most or made you the happiest since joining Life In Motion?

The friendships that I have made and the fomo that I suffer when I see pictures or hear about other people’s runs! I never though it would turn me in to a runner! There is such a great sense of community in LIM classes and this is a real added bonus

What is your favourite part of Life In Motion and why?

From a fitness point of view, I love the variety of the workouts, no 2 HIIT classes are the same and you always keep us guessing what’s coming next. I love the fact anyone can do it and get what they need from it, whether you are pregnant, just had a baby, 20 or 70. No matter how long we’ve been coming it is always a challenge. I love that I can access workouts online if I can’t make a class, and can do them easily at home. Away from the getting sweaty bit, I love the smiles on everyone’s faces, the fun we all have and the feeling of community and family that has been created

If your best friend was on the fence about coming along to Life In Motion, what would you tell them?

It’s life changing, addictive, fun, and so supportive, just do it!!

Tell us below how you set your Life In Motion!

I thought I’d give LIM classes a go when I was on maternity leave, and had cancelled my gym membership. I liked the idea of classes as you got pushed to work hard and if it was just me by myself I knew I wouldn’t do as much. I wanted to lose some weight too, but I love how LIM’s focus is not about weight, it’s about wellness, strength, and balance in our lives.

I am so much stronger and fitter now (I'd never been able to do a full press up before, now I can get to 10), and I love the variety of exercises that the classes offer. I am the fittest now that I’ve ever been in my life, and somehow along the way I’ve become a runner!

I only ever used to run if I was away and couldn’t get to a gym, and had never done more than 10km. I started going to LIM run club runs, and never looked back. There are no heroes here, it’s never a race, no one is left behind, and there is often coffee at the end! I dreamt of a half marathon, but doubted I could do it. They are for real runners right? Eve believed in me, encouraged me, and well, 18 months after voicing this dream to Eve, I have just completed my 9th run over the half marathon distance, including many mighty trail runs!

LIM is a part of my Life now and I am forever grateful for what it is given me.

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