Online Running Strength and Conditioning Workouts

Our Online Run Club helps runners be strong and confident. 

We do this with weekly live and on demand run specific strength workouts, weekly prescribed runs, monthly run coach chats and knowledge sessions from industry experts all wrapped up in a fun and supportive online community. 

Life In Motion Connections

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Shoe Clinic Run Club

Kicking off on the 26th January 2022, Life In Motion Run Club will be hosting a strength, drills and group run from the Willis Street Shoe Clinic store. This session is designed for all abilities and we welcome you all to come down and give it a go!

Meet us at the Shoe Clinic, 58b Willis Street, Wednesday nights at 5:15pm.

Xterra Wellington Series

Life In Motion Run Club is a Run Partner for the 2022 Xterra Wellington series.

Come and run with us for the 2022 series! There are 3 awesome distances to pick from for each event, register here.

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WUU2K and WAI2K Coaching Partner

The WUU2K and WAI2k are spectacular trail races, taking in loads of Wellington's trails. With grueling elevation and distances, the WUU2K and WAI2K the events have something for those after an epic day out on the trails.  

Life In Motion Run Club is onboard with the WUU2K and WAI2K for the 2022 events,  providing training plans for the shorter event. To grab one of the plans and find out more about the event visit the event website here.

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Zeenya Ambassador
Eve has been a proud Zeenya Clothing Ambassador since 2017, you may have already noticed the bright tights! Zeenya Clothing is a New Zealand activewear brand that creates beautiful gear to inspire women to be their authentic, bright and adventurous selves. 

Check out Eve's Ambassador Profile here and while you are there pick yourself up some new gear! Eve1 at checkout will give you a lovely discount.

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Tailwind Nutrition NZ Trailblazer 

Tailwind Nutrition is our fuel of choice for endurance events. With a mild taste Tailwind is easy to sip over long events, and it has all the calories, electrolytes and hydration you need for your next adventure. 

Check out our Tailwind Trainer Profile here and grab yourself a stick bundle pack of Tailwind while you are there. It's a great way to test out the flavours and find your favourite. 

ZeroTwenty2 SportsCo

These guys have ALL the gear! Compression socks, packs, men's running shorts, running tops, sunnies.....everything you need for your next adventure. 

Part of the Tailwind Nutrition NZ family we love the passion Fibi and Mark have for providing quality products. Have a look at all the goodness here.

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Wild Things

We have partnered up with Wild Things - our Run Club crew get an exclusive membership discount. Check out Wild Things here and have a read about what it means to be wild below. 

Wild Things: New Zealand's trail running community
Wild Things is here to inspire, equip and empower each other to get out and enjoy New Zealand's epic trails.

They are a community, a go-to shop for essential running gear, a library of knowledge and a whole lot more. Wild Things partners with brands we love (such as ourselves!) and they make it easy for you to explore trails with confidence using our comprehensive maps and directories.

Motivate yourself with challenges. Tap into the collective experience of your fellow wild things. Run, walk, crawl, it's good to be wild.

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Conrad Goodhew Nutrition

Our Run Club is an affiliate with the 2 person team at Conrad Goodhew Nutrition - Conrad Goodhew and Lucy Trollope are both New Zealand registered dietitians.

They work with elite athletes to weekend warriors, as well as clients needing help with clinical issues from T1DM, GI issues, intolerances, weight loss/gain, food-related anxiety and depression. They consider barriers, potential problems, and eating and exercise history to motivate you to be the best person you can be – whether that is sports performance or general health and well-being.

Their empathy, love of and experience in the sporting world puts them in the perfect position to help our runners create life long habits to achieve both short and long term goals.

Check out their website here.

An inclusive running club for runners at all levels who want to improve their running abilities through a focus on strength, conditioning and injury prevention - Jonathan Run Club Member

Meet the Life In Motion Team



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Eve Southan

Dip. Exercise Science

My passion as a run coach is to help runners be strong and reduce running injuries. I want our runners to have fun with their running, to feel strong and confident, to smash their goals and reach their running potential. 

I am a big advocate for strength training and love delivering our online weekly workouts to our Run Club. 

Join me online in our Run Club or come along to one of our Wellington Sunday group runs. 


Jason Southan

Movement Coach

One of my favourite things about our LIM Run Club is the after match snacking. You’ll find me at the back of the pack, perfectly happy with crossing the finish line rather being a medal contender. 


I also enjoy being part of the LIM Community and being part of the Team that delivers our HIIT workouts. The exercises can be tough or casual depending on your mood.


And like the LIM Run Club, it’s connecting with people that make the classes really valuable.


Jem Southan

Team Mascot

Jem is most happy out on the trails. As a beloved member of the Life In Motion community she is a regular on our Run Club Sunday adventures. 

Jem also has a bed in the studio and can be seen generally getting in the way from time to time during our online workouts. 

Jem is a 5 year old Hunterway and we love her!